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The following commands work on UO Eventine

The commands are as follows:

Command Description
[Changelog Will bring up the changelog menu.
[Claim Will bring up the target receptacle which you can target corpses to claim gold fast and remove the corpse.
[Claimall Will claim every single item from a monster corpse into your backpack.
[Donate Takes you to the donation page. Sometimes needs to be refreshed. (use your login name for account name)
[CheckDonate Lets you check if you have a pending donation reward.
[c Menu for seeing online players and messages
[c <TEXT> Send a public message
[myhouses Access your house menu. Can refresh, teleport to (for a fee), and demolish your house from here
[myboats Access your boats menu. Can teleport to (for a fee), and demolish your boat from here
[friends See friends menu
[pm <PlayerName> <TEXT> Send a PM to the player name
[giveitem Brings target to send an item from backpack to new player donation box.
[cs <spellnamenospaces> Allows you to cast spells.
[band This command will act as if you double-clicked a bandage in your backpack.
[bandself if you are injured or poisoned this will automatically use a bandage if you have any on you.
[ChangeCharacter <Name> Lets you change your character without logging out and back in.
[Count Lets you target a container and get a menu showing all the items and counts.
[t <TEXT> Send a trade message
[BuyLostCorpse Brings up menu to purchase old lost corpses for a fee.
[BuyLostItems Brings up menu to purchase all items from corpses that were deleted.
[Keyguard lets you target an item to exclude that item from going in your keys.
[Vote This will bring up the menu for voting for the server on voting sites.
[Stats Gives you a gump with your stats on it for viewing.
[Ach or [Achievements Gives gump to show you all your achievements.
[Time Will give the server date and time.
[mystuff Use in your house to bring up a menu to help you find items.
[checkdura Gives a gump that shows all your gears durability.
[champlevel Gives a gump that shows how far the champ spawn is at.
[events Gives a gump that shows you the current events on the server. If the event has wiki page a button will be present to take you to that page.
[links Gives a gump with some helpful links for new players.
[redeed Acts as if used a base axe for re-deeding purposes. Must have an axe in pack or equipped.