Cleric Spells

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Cleric spells can be crafted with inscription, using the same reagents as magery. A big difference, however, is that they cost gold to cast with your tithing ability rather than reagents. Lower Reagent Cost will lower the amount of gold you spend with each cast.

Skill used: Spirit Speak

Spell Name Description
Angelic Faith The caster calls upon the divine powers to transform into an angel, This gives them better regeneration rates, increased stats, and skills.
Banish Evil The caster calls forth a divine fire to banish their undead or demonic foe from the earth.
Dampen Spirits The caster's enemy is slowly drained of their stamina, greatly hindering their ability to fight in combat or flee.
Divine Focus The caster's mind focuses on their divine faith increasing the effectiveness of their prayers. This also causes the caster to become mentally fatigued much faster.
Hammer Of Faith Summons forth a divine hammer of pure energy blessed with the ability to vanquish undead foes with greater efficiency.
Purge The target is cured of all poisons and has all negative stat curses removed.
Restoration The caster's target is resurrected and fully healed and refreshed.
Sacred Boon The caster's target is surrounded by a divine wind that heals small amounts of lost life over time.
Sacrifice The caster sacrifices themselves for their allies. Whenever damaged all party members are healed a small percent of the damage dealt, The caster still takes damage.
Smite The caster calls to the heavens to send a deadly bolt of lightning to strike down his target.
Touch of Life The caster's target is healed by the heavens for a significant amount.
Trial by Fire The caster is surrounded by a divine flame that damages the casters enemy when hit by a weapon.