August Grand Auction 2022

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This grand auction ran on August 7th, 2022.

Here are the results.

Gold Removed: 1,160,400,000
Item Winner Price
Tent Stall (east) Aerfall 2,000,000
Feeding Bucket Graphic Change Deed Drazelle 3,000,000
Hook A Duck Aerfall 4,000,000
Stone Campfire Greed 9,200,000
Change Both Specials on a Weapon Deed Nema Toad 75,000,000
+10 Maximum Levels to Weapon Deed. Nema Toad 30,000,000
Beach Captain Crunch 4,000,000
+Dream Figurine Slymenstra 1,000,000
+Happy Meal Figurine Brawn 1,500,000
+Jazz Figurine Slymenstra 1,600,000
+Luna Figurine Minerva 3,500,000
+Gizmo Figurine Captain Crunch 4,500,000
+Dramoor Figurine Wolf 4,000,000
Sword of Gryffindor Weapon Appearance Change Deed Aerfall 26,000,000
Feeding Bucket Graphic Change Deed Lexus 6,000,000
Eventinian Bladed Whip Aerfall 135,000,000
Book Burning Drazelle 10,000,000
Huge Container of Holding Choice Aerfall 62,000,000
Tent Stall (east) Slymenstra 1,100,000
Small Tent (east) Sir Mix A Lot 10,000,000
Swimming Pool W/ Diving Board (south) Sir Mix A Lot 20,000,000
A Rainbow Sign Deed Starbuck 20,000,000
A Fountain Zebulon Carter 25,000,000
Balloon Pop (east) Bulma 8,000,000
Giant Stone Altar Edmond Dantes 100,000,000
Tent Stall (east) Drazelle 3,000,000
+Jazz Figurine Disguise Kit Slymenstra 500,000
+Luna Figurine Disguise Kit Bulma 2,100,000
+Dream Figurine Disguise Kit Wif 1,000,000
+Happy Meal Figurine Disguise Kit Lullaby 600,000
+Gizmo Figurine Disguise Kit Wif 1,000,000
+Dramoor Figurine Disguise Kit Captain Crunch 7,000,000
Feeding Bucket Graphic Change Deed Ellie 9,000,000
Rainbow Sword Weapon Appearance Change Deed Drazelle 120,000,000
Gazebo (south) Greed 23,000,000
Duck Pond Starbuck 52,000,000
+25 Maximum Levels to Weapon Deed. Nema Toad 180,000,000
Pummeler Zebulon Carter 195,000,000

Tokens Removed: 56,865,000
Item Winner Price
Picnic Table (east) Ellie 600,000
Small Taming Bod of Choice Sir Mix A Lot 35,000
Large Taming Bod of Choice Bulma 75,000
Small Refuse Pile Drazelle 10,000,000
Large Refuse Pile Drazelle 11,000,000
Small Plant Bod of Choice Viv Hexbreaker 20,000
Large Plant Bod of Choice Sir Mix A Lot 35,000
Ethereal Dye Tub Faelorthin 7,000,000
Wooden Cart (east) Greed 5,100,000
Ore Cart (east) Wif 5,000,000
A Rideable Peacock Statuette Aerfall 18,000,000