August Grand Auction 2021

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This grand auction ran on August 29th, 2021.

Here are the results.

Gold Removed: 1,812,500,000
Item Winner Price
Sparkle Addon Deed Ellie 4,000,000
Tent Stall Addon Deed Drazelle 7,500,000
Light Saber Change Deed Aerfall 20,000,000
Stone Furnace Addon Deed Drazelle 29,000,000
+Jazz Figurine Rantaz 1,000,000
+Dream Figurine Brawn 5,000,000
+Gizmo Figurine Valdul 3,000,000
+Happy Meal Figurine Sassy 3,500,000
+Dramoor Figurine Aerfall 9,000,000
Zero Follower Ethereal Lasher Jezebel 20,000,000
Eventinian Bow Grimwar 280,000,000
Zero House Slot Water House Cope 400,000,000
Gazebo With Benches Addon Deed Edmond Dantes 20,000,000
Moongate World Tele Graphic Change Deed Drazelle 35,000,000
Garden Well Addon Deed Drazelle 25,000,000
Tent Stall Addon Deed Drazelle 15,000,000
+Dream Disguise Kit Banethorn 5,000,000
+Gizmo Disguise Kit Phantasm 4,000,000
+Jazz Disguise Kit Jezebel 4,000,000
+Happy Meal Disguise Kit Feyldyr'oth 3,500,000
+Dramoor Disguise Kit Phantasm 10,000,000
Sparkle House Gate Graphic Change Deed Drazelle 22,000,000
Zero Follower Coconut Crab Ethereal Margaery 200,000,000
Dragon Boat Bar Addon Deed Aerfall 60,000,000
Water Park AddonDeed Edmond Dantes 6,000,000
+10 Max Levels to a Weapon Deed Cornbread 60,000,000
Display Case Wide Long Addon Deed Aerfall 8,000,000
Tent Stall Addon Deed Drazelle 23,000,000
+25 Max Levels to a Weapon Deed Grimwar 200,000,000
Change Both Specials on a Weapon Deed Aerfall 155,000,000
Antique Eventine Vase Drazelle 175,000,000

Tokens Removed: 70,315,000
Item Winner Price
Feeding Bucket to Barrel Graphic Change Deed Genetics 10,000,000
Small Plant BOD of Choice Deed Cope 1,100,000
Small Taming BOD of Choice Deed Drazelle 1,250,000
Feeding Bucket to Trough Graphic Change Deed Genetics 9,000,000
Feeding Bucket to Trough Graphic Change Deed Tonto 9,000,000
Corner Whirlpool Addon Deed Destiny 3,000,000
Bath Addon Deed Rantaz 1,100,000
Ethereal Dye Tub Phantasm 3,000,000
Feeding Bucket to Bag Graphic Change Deed Drazelle 3,000,000
Large Taming BOD of Choice Deed Maxwell Housecat 200,000
Large Taming BOD of Choice Deed Viv Hexbreaker 375,000
Doghouse Addon Deed Drazelle 9,000,000
Shower Addon Deed Bulma 610,000
BBQ Addon Deed Edmond Dantes 8,000,000
Bamboo Water Bridge Addon Deed Bake n Wake 680,000
Archery Set Addon Deed Drazelle 4,000,000
Fountain Barrel Addon Deed Margaery 7,000,000